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How to Interview a Pet Sitter
by pstander

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1) How many years of Experience do they have? Find out how long they have been doing this and how many pets he/she has taken care of. There is no training like experience itself!

2) Find out why they are pet sitting - a good pet sitter's first answer should be "I love taking care of animals". Be wary of other answers.

3) Ask them to describe a tough situation they encountered while pet sitting. This will give you a feel for how they handle adversity. Anyone who has been doing this for a while has faced a problem or two. Avoid Pet Sitters who haven't faced problems!

4) Do they smoke? If this important...you may be able to smell this and might not need to ask.

5) How far away do they live? All other things being equal, a Pet Sitter that lives closer is more likely to fulfill their obligations.

6) What is their fee schedule and structure? Do they charge by the number of pets? Number of visits per day? Time spent at your house? Dogs should have a minimum of 2 visits per day. Cats, 1 visit every 2 days.

7) What services are covered by these fees? For dogs, the essentials are feeding, walking, bathroom, and play time. Find out what you are getting for your money.

8) Do they have references? If not....then move on. If so, then get names and numbers and CALL. Find out what their experience was like. What kind of animals will they take care of.?

9) What arrangements do they expect? Will they sleep over in your house...and are you OK with this? Is this something that you might prefer and want to suggest?

...and finally, A question for yourself....

10) What does your gut tell you about this person? While you are away, you will have to trust this person with your pet(s). Is this a decision that you can live with?

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