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by Chris Campbell

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Is your dog one of the majority who's getting "loved" to death? Overweight dogs face the same health problems as overweight humans; increased risk of heart problems, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, the list goes on and on.

One of the problems is the dog food companies themselves. The charts they offer on bags of dry food more closely reflect the amounts that top-athlete dogs should consume, not our everyday, couch-potato pets. We're not exempt from blame, but it is hard to resist those soulful puppy eyes.

Bringing a new puppy into your home is one of the most exciting moments in you and your families life. There are several important things you should consider before bringing the little guy home, or even before making a decision to buy a puppy dog in the first place. Here are a couple of things to think about.

The dog belongs to who? Dogs are pack animals, and will behave and learn best, if they understand who is the overall leader for responsibility for the dog. That's not to say that others won't or shouldn't have roles when it comes to the new puppy. It's just better for everyone involved, including the puppy, that there is one leader of the pack.

Is your puppy knowledge up to par? This is an especially important consideration for first time dog owners. You old dogs that have had pets before can skip this piece. While feeding, exercise, and grooming are important things for your dog, there are several other important points to consider as well. Health care for the life of the dog is important, and even more so as it gets older. Younger dogs will require much more of your attention in its training. Good training at an early age, is something you and your puppy will benefit all the years of your pets life.

Who's got time for a new pet these days? While in the earliest years of a dogs life, the training and attention a new dog requires is huge, the later years can be just as time consuming as well. Even for a less active and demanding older dog, companionship is important for the physical and emotional well being of your dog. You will be investing thousands of hours over the life of your dog, so make sure yourcommitted to this important relationship.

Is your level of commitment strong? Commitment to someone or something else requires a certain amount of sacrifice, and some loss of freedom on your part. While we've all made commitments in the past, most dogs live ten to fifteen years. That's a pretty long term commitment to be making. Longer than some marriages these days. So be sure your ready.

While it's important to consider all these questions and more, don't let them scare you away from your new puppy purchase. Many have done it in the past, and the rewards, companionship, and good times will more than pay you back for the time and love you give to you puppy. Careful consideration to all these questions, will only enhance your puppy experience and bring a lifetime of joy.

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