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Articles for Dog Lovers

Should I get a Puppy/Dog?

  1. Get A Pet as A Companion
  2. Am I Ready To Take Care of A Pet?
  3. Puppies as Pets - Don't forget about the...
  4. Choosing Pets That Match Your Lifestyle
  5. Picking the Right Dog Breed
  6. Buy the perfect puppy, how to choose the right breed
  7. Choosing A Good Dog Breeder
  8. The Truth About Pet Store Puppies


Bringing Home a New Puppy/Dog

  1. Bringing Home Your Puppy
  2. Dog Names: Choosing The Right One
  3. Using a Dog Crate
  4. 5 Tips for Puppy-Proofing Your Home
  5. Dog Crates 
  6. Five Mistakes New Puppy Owners Make
  7. Give Your Dog a Comfortable Home Within Your Home
  8. Your Dog and Your Furniture
  9. House Training a Puppy
  10. Socializing your Pet - Is It Important?


Living with your Dog

  1. Buying Dog Toys For Your Dog
  2. How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes in Raising Dogs
  3. Choosing a Leash for Your Dog
  4. Dog Grooming - Keep Your Dog Healthy And Active
  5. The ABC's of Pet Grooming
  6. How to Communicate Effectively With Your Dog
  7. How to Stop Your Dogs Excessive Barking
  8. Adorable Tricks To Teach Your Dog


Dog Health

  1. How to Choose a Veterinarian: 10 Questions to ask.
  2. Are Annual Vet Visits & Vaccinations for Your Dog Really Necessary?
  3. What Are The Top Ten Dog Diseases?
  4. How to Test Your Dog for Food Allergies
  5. Treating Arthritis In Dogs
  6. Recommended Pet Vaccination Schedule
  7. Treating Hip Dysplasia In Dogs
  8. How to know when your dog is sick
  9. Treatment Prevention for Canine Distemper (Hardpad disease)
  10. The Dangerous Effects Of Kennel Cough
  11. Parvovirus - A Very Realistic Threat To Your Dogs Health
  12. Heart Disease - A Very Real Threat To All Dogs
  13. Piroplasmosis
  14. Heartworm Disease and Prevention
  15. Hepatitis In Dogs
  16. Lyme Disease in Dogs
  17. Overcoming Separation Anxiety
  18. Your Dog's Dietary Requirements Will Vary With Age
  19. Is your Dog Fat?
  20. First Aid For Your Dog


Other Dog Issues

  1. Bathing Tips For Dogs
  2. Choosing A Good Dog Obedience School
  3. Dog Travel Tips for Dog Owners
  4. Your Dog Goes Missing
  5. If Disaster Strikes, Are You Prepared To Evacuate With Your Pet?
  6. How to Interview a Pet Sitter
  7. Dangers At The Dog Park
  8. Dog Chewing: 4 Essential Steps to Stop the Destruction
  9. 7 Ways To Help Stop Your Dog From Digging Up Your Garden
  10. Older Dogs Have Special Needs